Sleep Hypnosis mp3

One of the most sought after products that we offer is our Sleep Hypnosis mp3. The numbers of people who suffer from insomnia seems to increase year on year because of our busy stressful lives. Many of these people used to turn to sleeping tablets to alleviate their problem but our awareness of the harm they can do is now making us seek out alternatives. This is because sleeping tablets have actually been shown to significantly increase our risk of death. Doctors no longer prescribe them in large quantities which means that more natural remedies need to be sought. Our sleep hypnosis audio combined with some small changes to your bedtime routine can get you sleeping like a baby again.

Sleep Hypnosis mp3

As I mentioned earlier one of the most problematic issues with sleep is that many people do not seem to be able to switch their minds off after a busy day. This is because in our digital world we are always available which means that no matter what time of the night it is people can get in touch. A prime example of this can be seen with the way we work today. The 9 to 5 no longer exists. People arrive in work earlier and get home later. Even when they are home they check their emails on their smart phones or answer late night calls from their managers and colleagues. This means at a point in the day when we should be winding down for sleep our minds are active and alert.

In order to get full benefit of this Sleep Hypnosis mp3 it is important to introduce some basic sleep hygiene rules to quieten down the mind. This means switching off all your electronic devices after 8pm in the evening. If possible keep your TV our of the bedroom and do not take late night telephone calls. From 8pm onwards start to wind down for bed. Relax in front of the TV, do some gentle exercise or read a good book. If you are having problems sleeping resist the urge to go to bed earlier and instead resolve to go to bed a little later when you are really tired. Then play this audio as you are drifting off to sleep to relax and quieten down the mind.

Our Sleep Hypnosis mp3 is designed to help your mind to switch off. Many insomniacs find that they have constant mind chatter as they try and drift off to sleep. This is because your brain is trying to process everything that has happened during the day whilst planning what it will do in the future. By listening to this audio you should find that your mind is unable to concentrate on both. Eventually you should find that your mind becomes distracted from your internal thoughts and begins to focus on the suggestions for relaxation and calm. After a while these thoughts should take over and you will find that your mind will drift off into sleep. Listen to our audio every day until eventually your normal sleeping patterns are returned. Hopefully by this stage you will be feeling less anxious and stressed and more rested and relaxed.

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