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Everyone knows that diets don’t really work. You build up a burst of willpower and motivation and you start restricting calories feeling hungry all the time. You can last a week, a month or even longer but eventually something snaps and the old eating patterns emerge again. Before you know it you have put on all the weight that you have lost and more and the whole process begins again. Without working to change your mindset around food it is impossible to create change which is why we have produced this Weight Loss Hypnosis Download to help you use self hypnosis to change your eating habits.

This Weight Loss Hypnosis Download does not suggest that you restrict food groups or make yourself feel hungry all the time. Instead our weight loss audio helps you to recognise when you are eating for an emotion rather than hunger. It will also work with you to help you reduce your portion sizes and break your trigger response to eating when you are not hungry.

When you take the time to eat mindfully it is much easier to understand whether you are really hungry or eating because you are stressed, anxious or angry. When you understand your emotional triggers you can find methods to deal with the underlying problems so that you are not reaching for food. Our Weight Loss Hypnosis audio helps you by giving you subliminal messages to your mind so new alternative behaviours are created.

To increase the effectiveness of this audio we recommend that you also purchase our Weight Loss Mindset mp3 Download before embarking on your program. Then use this Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Audio in conjunction with ourĀ portion size hypnosis mp3 to retrain your mind to eat less without feeling hungry. To complete the weight loss program use our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy mp3.

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