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Did you know that smoking is not really an addiction? Many smokers would describe themselves as addicts but the reality is they just have a really bad habit. We know this because most smokers do not wake every few hours for a cigarette in the middle of the night. They are able to go without their nicotine fix for hours at a time and don’t even really notice it. During the day it is a different story, they appear to be craving cigarettes. The reality however is that it is not nicotine they are craving but the associations they have built around their cigarettes. Our Stop Smoking mp3 download helps you to understand the associations and break the habit.

So what exactly is an association? Well a typical example would be the need to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and whilst you are having it you also have a cigarette. You have associated that first drink with the need to smoke and therefore if you tried to stop the cigarette you would feel as if something was wrong. Smokers generally have many associations that they have built with cigarettes. Perhaps you always smoke in the car, or whilst you are on the phone or immediately after food. Our Stop Smoking mp3 download helps you to recognise the areas where you have built the associations and works with you to break them so that giving up the cigarettes is easier.

By using this Stop Smoking mp3 download you are utilising self hypnosis to help you take back control and break the associations which you have built up during your years of smoking. When you understand that you are in control of your habit it is easier to stop blaming those cigarette manufacturers for your addiction and change your previous patterns to new positive behaviours. Listen to this Stop Smoking audio for at least 21 days or any time you feel the need for a cigarette.