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Ever felt that your eating habits were getting out of control? Have you ever come home after a stressful day and found yourself raiding the cupboard and the fridge looking for something “nice” to eat? Have you deliberately stopped off at the shops on the way home and found yourself buying high calorie foods to make yourself feel better? This Stop Comfort Eating mp3 Download has been deliberately designed to help you if you experience the need to eat food in response to emotional situations.

Comfort eating is really a coping mechanism that people have to help them deal with their emotions. Perhaps they feel stressed, anxious, angry or guilty. Rather than actually dealing with the underlying emotion they reach out for food because in a small way they feel it helps them to cope and makes them feel better. Of course this good feeling will only last a few minutes and then the cycle can start again. Our Stop Comfort Eating mp3 Download works with you so that you learn to recognise your triggers and control your eating habits.

The underlying message in the audio is that food does not solve your problems and provides only a momentary distraction. In fact even the food does not work in the end because the comfort eater becomes distressed about piling on the pounds and that adds to any underlying anxieties. By understanding and working through the underlying problem the pressure to eat will begin to subside leading to much better eating patterns.

In order to change your eating habits we recommend that you listen to this Stop Comfort Eating mp3 Download daily for a minimum of 21 days. Where possible try to listen to it at the time of day where you would usually eat the most. To enhance your weight loss results add in some of our other weight loss audio downloads

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