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At some point in our lives we all experience problems with sleep. For example when we are feeling stressed we are more likely to be unable to switch off in the evening and our sleep is impacted. Generally problems with sleep only last for a short period of time but for some people they find that night after night they have a problem getting the amount of sleep they need. In fact they end up with chronic insomnia which begins to impact their entire life. This Sleep Hypnosis mp3 download is designed to help your mind to switch off from any worries or anxiety so that you can learn to get a good nights rest no matter how long your insomnia has lasted.

This Sleep Hypnosis mp3 download uses self hypnosis to help you to get into a state of deep relaxation. With regular listening it will help you to feel calmer and can restore your natural sleep patterns. Simply listen to the audio in bed just before you are ready to sleep and allow the words and music to drift in and out of your conscious mind. There is no need to listen to the audio too closely.

If you suffer from insomnia regularly it is worth noting that going to bed earlier to catch up on sleep is not advised and can often make your problem worse. We advise people who have sleep problems to go to bed later and get up earlier than usual. This will make you more tired than usual and combined with the audio it should reset your sleep patterns. Once you are sleeping easily again slowly add half an hour on to your sleep time until you reach the perfect balance.

Please note that our Sleep Hypnosis mp3 Download is only to be used in the comfort of your own home and not whilst you are driving or when you need to be alert. This audio has a count up at the end of the mp3 which can be safely ignored when you are in bed to help you drift off to sleep. In order to assist your sleeping patterns you can also use our relaxation audio during the day to help you get in to a state of peace and calm. If you are suffering from anxiety in your life then we also recommend our Overcome Anxiety Hypnosis download to help you deal with any worry or stress.

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