Self Confidence Mp3 Download


Boost your Self Confidence MP3 Download. Available to purchase now. See below for full product description.



Our confidence and self esteem building audio has been specially designed to improve the way that you feel about yourself. Through the use of self hypnosis it is possible for you to increase your confidence from within. This is because self hypnosis allows you to bypass your critical conscious mind and direct positive suggestions to the subconscious. Our Self Confidence mp3 download can used to help you remove any negative thoughts, feelings or emotions that are stopping you from achieving your full potential.

The great thing about confidence is that once you begin to feel a small improvement it is possible to build on that feeling and grow it further. The good feelings begin to multiply and before you know it you have forgotten that you used to have any doubts about yourself at all. In our Self Confidence mp3 download you will be given a new insight into how your mind has been increasing your negative thoughts and feelings to stop you from really achieving what ever you want to. With the positive affirmations, visualisations and mental rehearsal techniques in the audio it is possible to create a positive mindset and that can help you to start moving forward again.

We understand that many confidence issues are generally set up in childhood and are compounded over time until by the time we are an adult we are full of self doubt and that holds us back. For example if you were are child and told by your teachers that you were stupid then part of your mind would believe what they were saying is true. Then if this same comment was made by a family member it compounds the negative thought in your mind and before you know it you are believing what these adults have told you. The message has been reinforced and a cycle of negative thinking begins. In this self confidence mp3 download we give you messages to remove these old thoughts so that your mind understands that what it believes is simply not true.

To get the full benefit of this audio we recommend that you listen to it every day for at least 21 days to see positive change.