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One of the biggest problems that dieters experience when they are trying to lose weight is portion control. At our clinics our clients complain about never feeling full and satisfied. They may eat piles of food each day but for some reason they feel that their brain does not have an off switch so they keep on eating and piling on the pounds. Our Portion Control Hypnosis mp3 uses self hypnosis to help you control your eating habits and in particular this audio works with you to recognise exactly when you are hungry by helping you to utilise mindful eating techniques.

Mindful eating is one of the most useful tactics you can employ when trying to lose weight. It does not involve any faddy gadgets and helps you to recognise the messages that your body is telling you. Messages that you may have been ignoring for years because you were not listening for them. Our Portion Control Hypnosis mp3 helps you to train your mind to recognise these messages which can significantly reduce the amount of food that you are eating. It is not unusual when people start to practice mindful eating and portion control that they find that their portion sizes reduce by a third or sometimes to half what they used to eat. By repeated listening to the audio as well as practicing the techniques we give you should find that you eat less and feel full much quicker than usual.

Our Portion Control Hypnosis mp3 is made even more powerful because it also uses self hypnosis to bring about change. Whilst you are in hypnosis you are more suggestible which means that you are more likely to follow the instructions that you are given. Combined with mindfulness this creates a powerful way of making change. In order to really benefit from listening to the audio we recommend listening to it just before the time of day where you usually find that you are eating too much. For many people this will be in the evening before their dinner. Keep on listening to the audio daily until you reach your goal weight.

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