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A fear of driving is an extremely common fear which can be extremely disruptive for the person experiencing the problem. The fear generally presents itself in one of two ways. Either the person feels anxious when thinking about driving or whilst they are in a car or alternatively they suffer from a more generalised anxiety and the driving fear is one of many other issues that they experience. Our Overcome a Fear of Driving Hypnosis mp3 can help with both problems.

During our self hypnosis audio you will be given suggestions to firstly help your subconscious to relax. Relaxation is the enemy of anxiety and stress. With daily practice of the audio you should begin to feel calmer, more in control and you should find that your mind is less focused on the fear. Secondly the audio goes through some of the common reasons why people experience this fear and suggests more rational ways for the mind to think. Just some of the topics included in the audio are:

  • Confidence
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Driving in different situations (motorways, dual carriageways)
  • Car accidents
  • Practice and mental rehearsal (especially useful for new drivers or learners)
  • General stress levels

The Overcome a Fear of Driving Hypnosis mp3 is utilising self hypnosis to calm the mind as well as training it to automatically think in a different way. Repeated listening to the audio will continue to drive these messages home therefore the more you practice with it the more these new thoughts will become your own cancelling out the old negative feelings and images. As well as listening to the audio you will be given suggestions for mental rehearsal of driving as well as real practice sessions in your vehicle. Please follow these as they will all contribute to making you feel more comfortable with driving.

Please note never listen to the Overcome a Fear of Driving Hypnosis mp3 whilst you are in a car and driving. This self hypnosis audio is deliberately designed to help your mind switch into a deeply relaxed state which is not advisable when you are driving. Use this audio in conjunction with our Relaxation Hypnosis mp3 and Overcome Anxiety Hypnosis to calm down your fears and increase relaxation.

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