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With the increase in social media, online porn and the pressure to look good in our society it is no wonder that many men find it difficult to know what is really expected of them in the bedroom. The images and visuals that you see in films and online are not real, they are photoshopped and edited, yet a small part of you may believe that you simply don’t measure up to what is expected of you when it comes to sex. This anxiety can lead to a lack of confidence, worry and ultimately this can create a problem when it comes to sex. Our Help Male Performance Anxiety mp3 Download is designed guide you into a state of relaxation so that you are able to control this worry.

Although many men may fear that a physical problem may be causing them an issue in the bedroom in most cases the problem has been created due to anxiety. Anxiety makes you feel that you are on edge which is the opposite of relaxation. When you are in this anxious state you are more likely to focus on all the things that are going wrong instead of what is going right. The more you focus on the anxiety the less likely you are able to perform. This then creates a further problem as once you have failed once you believe it will happen again. This means that the next time you are in bed with a woman the same fears come flooding back and the problem happens again. Before you know it you have created a vicious circle with the problem recurring again and again. Our Help Male Performance Anxiety mp3 Download is designed to stop those thoughts so the problem comes to a halt.

This Help Male Performance Anxiety mp3 should be listened to every day to help you create those feelings of comfort and calm. You can choose to listen to this audio before sex where possible to help you feel calmer and to relax your mind. To increase feelings of relaxation and to reduce your anxiety you can also listen to our Relaxation Hypnosis mp3 Download. If you are experiencing problems with impotence you can also buy our Overcome Impotence mp3 Download.

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