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When you experience hypnosis the mind is more suggestible. This means that the messages from self hypnosis audios can help to change the way that you think, feel and behave. The mind is a powerful tool and when it is guided to think in a different way it can help you to experience positive change. Many famous sports men and women already use hypnosis to increase their performance. Now you can use the same techniques just by listening to an audio to control your eating habits. Our gastric band hypnotherapy mp3 uses the power of self hypnosis to help you control your eating habits.

Before listening to this audio Gastric Band Hypnotherapy audio you will need to listen to a number of our other audios first to create the results you want. We recommend that before starting your healthy eating regime you listen to our Weight Loss Mindset audio first for a minimum of 7 days. This will help you build the motivation and willpower to create a successful weight loss mindset. Following this you should use our Portion Control Hypnosis mp3 and our Kill Food Cravings audios on alternative days for a period of 21 days.  These will teach you to understand the messages that your body is giving you about when you are full and when you are hungry. By using the mindful eating techniques which are contained in these audios you should find that the amount of food that you are eating will get smaller. You will be also taught to recognise when you have an emotional hunger and when you have a physical hunger which is the first step in taking back control.

After listening to these audios for at least 21 days you should be ready to listen to this gastric band hypnotherapy mp3 download. The aim of this self hypnosis audio is to use self hypnosis to guide you through an imaginary virtual operation. By immersing yourself in the suggestions in the audio it is possible to trick the subconscious into believing that your stomach is indeed smaller and therefore that can reduce the amount you eat,

It is not unusual for people to mistake emotions for hunger. This means that when they feel stressed, angry, upset or anxious they automatically reach out for food to make themselves feel better. The food of course is only a short term distraction and the underlying problem is never resolved. This virtual gastric band audio helps to recognise those emotional triggers so that you can take action choosing to eat.

Our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy mp3 download can be listened to daily until you reach your desired weight or you can alternate it with the audio for portion control. The best time of day to listen to these audios is at the time of day where you would usually eat too much.

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