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Fears and phobias are incredibly common which is why we have a created a number of audios which cover some of the most common issues that make people feel anxious and scared. This Fear of Flying mp3 is specifically designed for those of you who feel panic or worry either before getting into an aircraft of whilst you are in the air. The aim of the audio is to train your mind to go into a complete state of relaxation whilst you are thinking of flying so that your subconscious no longer experiences the same trigger fear response.

Fears and phobias are more complex than many people think as they are not necessarily always linked to the problem that you think is most obvious. A fear of flying is a perfect example as because in many cases the person with the fear is not afraid of flying at all. When you think about your fear a little bit deeper you may find out that the fear is linked to:

Claustrophobia – Perhaps you were trapped somewhere as a small child and whenever you get into an aircraft it reminds you of that situation.

Feeling Out of Control – Something that scared you may have happened when you were not in charge. Now you feel you need to be in control all the time as a defence mechanism.

Needing an Escape Route – If you were bullied as a child you may have been always planning an escape route from your tormentors. Your mind remembers this fear and now is on high alert when you enter places which you can’t get out of easily.

General Anxiety – When we have big stressors in our live such as bereavements, divorces, money worries our anxiety levels are heightened. Therefore something that you might have not liked before such as flying suddenly becomes intolerable because you are already feeling on edge.

Not matter what the reasons for your fear this audio can help you to learn how to control anxiety and panic simply through the practice of self hypnosis. By repeatedly listening to our fear of flying mp3 you are learning how to relax and when you are relaxed it is much more difficult to enter into a “fight or flight” response. Combine this deep relaxation with visualisation and mental rehearsal of flying and your mind becomes gradually more used to the thought of getting into an aircraft. We recommend that you listen to this audio for at least 21 days before your flight. You can even use it whilst you are on the aircraft to keep you calm and relaxed.

Use this audio in conjunction with our Relaxation Hypnosis mp3 and Overcome Anxiety Hypnosis to calm down your fears and increase relaxation.

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