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When a person binge eats they typically spend a good portion of their day counting calories and trying to be good. They may restrict calories and exercise but find that at some point something snaps inside and they suddenly find themselves eating large quantities of food in a very short period of time. Following this binge they will feel guilty and anxious and resolve to be good and restrict their calories once more but find that at some point they will binge again. Our Binge Eating mp3 download aims to address this self destructive cycle of behaviour.

Generally Binge Eating is caused because of one or a combination of the following:

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Perfectionism

Our Binge Eating mp3 Download addresses each of these issues so that you can understand why you have your problem and then learn to control your eating habits.

Just the act of relaxing to this audio will begin to address the first problem of anxiety and stress. These conditions can creep up on your without you even knowing. The more stressed and anxious the more likely you are to turn to food to try and deal with the feelings. By listening to our Binge Eating Audio daily you are suddenly practicing deep relaxation. The more you listen the deeper your relaxation becomes and over time you will find yourself feeling calmer and more in control.

Secondly the audio will be giving you suggestions to boost your self esteem and to help you understand triggers for your binges. Very often Binge Eating can be triggered when a person makes a hurtful remark to you. Perhaps someone told you that you were overweight or ugly and that made you feel terrible. So you tried desperately to lose weight fast and restricted your eating but you were unable to keep it up and suddenly you found yourself turning to food because it made you feel better.  Self esteem and perfectionism and often linked.

This Binge Eating mp3 Download needs to be listened to daily over a period of weeks for changes to be seen. We would suggest that you listen to it at the time of the day when you would normally find yourself needing to binge. To increase the impact of this audio we suggest that you combine this with a number of our other titles including our relaxation audio to help reduce anxiety and stress. Our Kill the Cravings mp3 download to reduce the need for certain foods and our Weight Loss Mindset to increase your motivation and willpower.

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