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Anxiety is a debilitating illness because it creates feeling of panic and fear which make your body enter “fight or flight” mode. Generally anxiety is a protection response by the mind. It is trying to get you to run away from something that made you afraid, stressed or worried either currently or in the past. When you are feeling anxious you tend to be on high alert so we have designed this Anxiety Hypnosis mp3 to calm down those feelings and so that you enter a state of deep relaxation.

Relaxation is the enemy of anxiety as it helps to reduce the feelings of being on edge. With regular use of our Anxiety Hypnosis mp3 you should find that bit by bit you are feeling calmer and more in control. This anxiety audio is designed to help you understand the reasons why you may be suffering from these feelings and then gives you methods to control the way that your mind is thinking.

You will be given suggestions which will make you think about your current lifestyle. In particular you will be asked to examine any stressors in your life and where possible to make changes to any areas which may be creating the problem. By tackling the cause of your anxiety at the root the symptoms will generally subside making you feel happier and in control. We recommend that this anxiety hypnosis mp3 is used daily to help create feelings of calm. It can be used when you are feeling stressed or anxious or before you go to bed to quieten the mind.

This audio can also be used in conjunction with our relaxation hypnosis mp3 as well as our sleep deeply mp3 download.

Relaxation Hypnosis mp3

Relaxation Hypnosis mp3 Download

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