Shed The Pounds with Our Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3

The great thing about self hypnosis is that it allows you to make significant changes to the mind and body without you having to make very much effort at all. Believe it or not the use of deep relaxation combined with positive visualisation and mental rehearsal can many people to achieve their goals without making a conscious effort to do so. Weight loss is a great example case. Many people consciously want to lose weight however they find that diets make them anxious and feel as if they are in starvation mode. Even when they do shed the pounds the find that this is often a temporary fix and before long the weight starts to go back on again. This is because the subconscious may have a better reason for holding on to the weight. Our Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3 delivers suggestions to the subconscious mind to make new positive changes which helps to change its old way of thinking.

weight loss hypnosis mp3

In many cases issues with weight are linked with emotional problems. At an early age we will have learned to associate food with good feelings and the subconscious will turn to that food time and time again to make you feel better when things are not going well for you. A typical example of this might be a child who was anxious at school. Perhaps they were bullied or found it difficult to keep up with the work. When they would come home from school their mother would make them feel better by giving them a treat to cheer themselves up. The subconscious understood from that point that those treats made the child forget about what their problems if only for a short time. As they got older the same problems may exist but in different situations. Perhaps problems with a boss at work or arguments with a partner making that person feel anxious. The subconscious understands that food makes you forget these issues for a short period of time and so before you know it you are reaching into the fridge or cupboards for food to make you feel better. Our Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3 helps you to understand your trigger behaviours so that the overeating can be stopped.

The great thing about our Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3 is that it makes you think about exactly what it is that is making you eat too much. Once you understand what your triggers are it becomes easy to begin to put in place strategies for change. If you begin to recognise that there is an underlying emotion that is fueling your eating them that is the emotion that needs to be tackled. If you are sad then you need to find ways to make yourself feel happier. If you are anxious then you need to find ways to reduce your stress. When you tackle the deep emotion underlying these problems then change will happen rapidly especially combined with the subconscious suggestion.

Our Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3 should be listened to every day until you reach your weight loss goal. For maximum effectiveness listen to it at the time of the day when you would normally eat too much. Take a look at our downloads shop for more details on our other audios which can help you to shed the pounds.

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