Self Hypnosis Stop Sugar Addiction mp3

Are you a person with a sweet tooth? Do you find yourself craving biscuits and sweets every day or is your habit slightly worse? At our clinic we deal with people who have a mild sugar addiction to people who find that their cravings are out of control. People with a full blown sugar addiction may find that they are eating four or five bars of chocolate a day, packets of childrens sweets as well as sweet sugary foods as every meal. When your habit is this out of control then it is important to realise that you need to get held to bring it under control before it impacts your health. Our Stop Sugar Addiction mp3 works with you to change the way that you think about sugar for good.

Stop Sugar Addiction Mp3

Even though consciously you may be aware that you have a problem with eating too much sugar something in your subconscious continues to make you eat it to excess. This Stop Sugar Addiction mp3 is designed to target messages to your subconscious to get the behaviour to stop. During the audio you will be told exactly how the process of sugar addiction is created and how it builds into a cycle of addiction. Your subconscious will be given strategies to stop the habit as well as positive suggestion and visualisation to eradicate your old behaviour.

In this Stop Sugar Addiction mp3 we also discuss exactly how bad too much sugar is for your health. The problem with sugar is that it is like a drug. The more you have of it the more that you want. Eventually like any drug you seem unable to stop taking it. Even worse unlike other drugs which are more difficult to obtain yours is sold in every shop in the country. That sugar is freely available so that everywhere you go you can get your fix. Our audio teaches you how to stop your addiction with simple tips and strategies to help you reduce or even stop the amount you eat.

To really benefit from this Stop Sugar Addiction mp3 we recommend that you listen to it for a minimum of 21 days. If you can listen to it at the time of the day when you are most likely to binge on sugar. With regular listening you should find that your cravings begin to reduce and you may get to a point where you are simply not bothered about sugar in the same way as you were before.


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