Self Hypnosis Confidence mp3

There are many people in the world who seem to just exude natural confidence. They sail through work, dating, socialising and never seem to have a moments doubt or worry about what they do or who they are. Then there are those that worry about every little thing that they say or do. They worry about whether they are good enough, they panic in case their work is not up to standard and when it comes to dealing with people they feel they are just not interesting enough for people to really care about them. Suffering from low confidence and self esteem is debilitating as it impacts your entire life but there are many ways in which it can be helped and one of those is with our self hypnosis confidence mp3.

self hypnosis confidence mp3

Generally feelings or low confidence and self esteem begin in childhood. Typical examples would be criticisms from teachers or family members. If these negative statements are made often enough to a child then they will begin to believe that these are true even though they are not really at fault. As the child gets older then because they believe they are not good enough they may shy away from jobs or situations which would put them in the spotlight. This means that they never get to try things that they could excel and will always be doomed to believe that they are not good enough.

Now of course not all situations happen when you are very young. I see many clients who come in to see me and have problems because of a controlling partner or bullying at work. This kind of behaviour saps your self esteem and before you know it you are feeling anxious and fearful and doubting your own abilities. Even when you have changed job or partner those feelings may linger. Generally that person may need help to overcome the negative thoughts that they have about themselves. This is where our self hypnosis confidence mp3 can help. The suggestions that are given in the audio are designed to help you to think in a different way. Those negative voices in your head actually are not really yours but a combination of all the people who have made unhelpful comments to you over the years.

It takes very little to spark off a lifetime of low self confidence. Just one small comment said at the wrong time can set off a whole chain of self doubt. The good news is that it can also take very little to get you believing in yourself again. Our audio helps to give you tips and strategies which can slowly change that way you are thinking. With the help of positive visualisation and mental rehearsal you can alter your mindset and begin to try new behaviours or situations which previously you would have found daunting. Once your mind understands that this caused you no problems you can then your confidence will begin to grow.

In fact we know that our self hypnosis confidence mp3 helps peoples general well-being to improve relatively rapidly. Once you gain a small amount of confidence then it can begin to snowball. The more you feel good the more things you will try and before you know it those old feelings can be gone forever. We recommend that anyone planning on using our audio listens to it every day for a minimum period of 21 days.

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