Help to Stop Comfort Eating mp3 Download

There are probably very few of us who have not comfort eaten at one stage in our life. Reaching for food in times of stress, anxiety, anger or upset is extremely common. Of course eating for comfort is never going to create much of a problem when it is done on the odd occasion the problem comes when the eating becomes habitual and it is difficult to stop. Our Stop Comfort Eating mp3 Download is designed to help you regain control, understand your triggers and change the way that you think about that food.

Your subconscious mind in reality is not that clever. Lets just say that when you were young and you were upset your parents would try and cheer you up by giving you some sweets. When you ate those sweets you felt better and the problem that you had was either momentarily forgotten or seemed to just vanish away. From that point on your subconscious decided that sweets could help you to solve your problems so in the future whenever it felt those same feelings it would make you reach for the sweets again. The problem is that as you grow older the sweets are no longer helping you. Those additional calories make you put on weight and thatĀ it making you feel terrible about yourself. Your subconscious however does not recognise this and no matter how hard you try to stop it carries on force feeding you those sweets because it does not want to stop the job it started for you many years ago.

When you use self hypnosis and our Stop Comfort Eating mp3 Download you are getting into a very deep state of relaxation. In that state it is much easier to communicate new messages to the subconscious for change. Our audio contains positive visualisation and suggestions to help people make changes in their life. It also helps you identify theĀ emotions which are causing you to overeat. Once you know what these are it is much easier for you to put in place strategies where food is not your first source of help.

We suggest that you should listen to this Stop Comfort Eating mp3 download for a minimum of 21 days to allow time for change.

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