Help to Stop Comfort Eating mp3 Download

There are probably very few of us who have not comfort eaten at one stage in our life. Reaching for food in times of stress, anxiety, anger or upset is extremely common. Of course eating for comfort is never going to create much of a problem when it is done on the odd occasion the Continue reading »

Shed The Pounds with Our Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3

The great thing about self hypnosis is that it allows you to make significant changes to the mind and body without you having to make very much effort at all. Believe it or not the use of deep relaxation combined with positive visualisation and mental rehearsal can many people to achieve their goals without making Continue reading »

Self Hypnosis Stop Sugar Addiction mp3

Are you a person with a sweet tooth? Do you find yourself craving biscuits and sweets every day or is your habit slightly worse? At our clinic we deal with people who have a mild sugar addiction to people who find that their cravings are out of control. People with a full blown sugar addiction Continue reading »

Stop Binge Eating With Self Hypnosis

At my clinics I increasingly see large numbers of people for problems with Binge Eating. Now if you are unable to reach a therapist for one to one sessions or are unable to afford therapy then it is useful to know that it is possible for many people to stop binge eating just by self Continue reading »

Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3

At Balance Hypnosis Downloads we have put together for our customers a very special Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3. It is aimed at people who are emotional eaters and who have difficulty losing weight on conventional diets. Emotional eating is one of the most common forms of eating which creates weight problems. In fact emotional eating Continue reading »