Calm Your Anxiety With Our Fear of Flying mp3 Download

As we are coming up to holiday season my practice will begin to fill with clients who are looking for help with their problem with Flying. It is a hugely common problem with so many people fearing getting into a plane. Many people that I dead with never get on the flight at all whilst others may get on the flight but spend the duration of their trip in a state of high anxiety and panic. In fact many of them also self medicate with tablets or alcohol just to be able to get through the flight. Yet in many cases that simply isn’t needed. Did you know that self hypnosis allows you to calm your anxiety? In particular our Fear of Flying mp3 download has been especially designed to alleviate the problem.

Fear of Flying mp3 download

Fear of Flying mp3

First of all our Fear of Flying mp3 download explains all the reasons why you may be experiencing a fear of flying. Sometimes it is not as straight forward as people make think. In fact in some cases the fear is not even directly related to flying. Here are just some of the reasons that people experience a problem.

  • Feeling out of control
  • Worrying about being in an enclosed space
  • Knowing that they do not have an easy escape route
  • General high levels of anxiety or stress
  • Worrying about the noises they hear on the plane
  • Fear of Turbulence
  • Worry about dying

These are just some examples of the types of problems that I encounter at my clinics. As you can see not all of these are directly linked with flying. For example imagine that you used to be bullied at school. As a child this made you highly anxious so that you were always looking over your shoulder in case someone was after you. In fact wherever you walked you made sure that there was always an escape route. Even after you left school your brain remained on alert. Now you walk into an aircraft and you mind suddenly sees that you have no way of getting out of the situation, there is no escape route. Immediately you feel the panic and fear which has no direct connection with flying at all. This is a perfect example of how fears around flying are not as straight forward as you think.

During the Fear of Flying mp3 download I address some of these common fears and through the use of self hypnosis, visualisation and positive suggestion I help you to reduce those anxieties. As self hypnosis is a deep form of relaxation you will also experience a secondary benefit which is a general reduction of stress symptoms. Practice of self hypnosis daily means that bit by bit your are forcing yourself to relax which calms down the fight or flight response. Listen to this audio regularly and you should find your anxieties lessen bit by bit. To really benefit from this audio I suggest listening to it daily for 21 days and as you do you will find that it has a cumulative impact with your anxiety lessening each day. You can even bring the fear of flying audio on your flight with you to keep you calm whilst you are in the air.

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