Reduce Stress With our Relaxation Hypnosis mp3

In the past thirty or so years life has changed dramatically particularly when it comes to communication and availability. We are the switched on generation. We are now a group of people who are contactable 24/7 whether it be via computers or mobile phones. Finding time to actually with off is now more difficult than Continue reading »

Change your Mindset With Our Positive Thinking mp3

Are you one of those people who always thinks on the bright side of life or are you a person who dwells on the negative. When you are a glass half empty person it can be difficult to change your mindset especially without a little help. Contrary to what some people may tell you feeling Continue reading »

Stop Binge Eating With Self Hypnosis

At my clinics I increasingly see large numbers of people for problems with Binge Eating. Now if you are unable to reach a therapist for one to one sessions or are unable to afford therapy then it is useful to know that it is possible for many people to stop binge eating just by self Continue reading »

Fear of Driving Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis has been used for many years as a way of conquering fears and phobias. Through the use of suggestion, positive visualisation and mental rehearsal it is possible to change old negative ways of thinking into new positive experiences. These very same techniques are used by athletes and sports professionals at the very highest Continue reading »

Public Speaking Hypnosis Download – How It Works

If you have a fear of public speaking then it can in be helped by using the power of self hypnosis to reduce the feelings of anxiety and fear. There are a number of different reasons why self hypnosis is so useful and that is because firstly it is a state of deep relaxation. When Continue reading »

Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3

At Balance Hypnosis Downloads we have put together for our customers a very special Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3. It is aimed at people who are emotional eaters and who have difficulty losing weight on conventional diets. Emotional eating is one of the most common forms of eating which creates weight problems. In fact emotional eating Continue reading »

Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis Downloads can be a cheap and effective way for many people to transform their lives. Subconscious messages given to an individual whilst they are in a relaxed state can make them more suggestible and more likely to follow the repeated instructions given in an audio. A typical example of this can be seen when Continue reading »