Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

If you are having difficultly losing weight then self hypnosis for weight loss can be a great way to increase your motivation and willpower so that you are able to achieve your goals. The use of positive suggestion and visualisation have long been known to help people achieve positive results. Many famous sports people for Continue reading »

Get Help To Quit With Our Stop Smoking Hypnosis mp3 Download

Our Stop Smoking mp3 download is aimed at people who have tried to give up smoking on their own but found that they were having difficulties. Many smokers believe that they are addicted to those cigarettes, that in some ways that they are a friend and they are unsure how they would manage without them. Continue reading »

Help to Stop Comfort Eating mp3 Download

There are probably very few of us who have not comfort eaten at one stage in our life. Reaching for food in times of stress, anxiety, anger or upset is extremely common. Of course eating for comfort is never going to create much of a problem when it is done on the odd occasion the Continue reading »

Boost Your Motivation Hypnosis mp3

Ever felt there were days when you just cannot be bothered to do anything? You know that you have a long list of tasks to do but you keep on putting them off and hope that they just go away. Is your problem even worse? Have you been procrastinating and delaying many aspects of your Continue reading »

Shed The Pounds with Our Weight Loss Hypnosis mp3

The great thing about self hypnosis is that it allows you to make significant changes to the mind and body without you having to make very much effort at all. Believe it or not the use of deep relaxation combined with positive visualisation and mental rehearsal can many people to achieve their goals without making Continue reading »

Feel Calm and Relaxed With Our Anxiety Hypnosis mp3

Anxiety is one of the debilitating fears that is out there simply because no matter where you go it follows you around. Fears and Phobias are often only in very specific situations but anxiety never seems to leave you which means that you can spend your whole life feeling on edge in that “fight or Continue reading »

Self Hypnosis Stop Sugar Addiction mp3

Are you a person with a sweet tooth? Do you find yourself craving biscuits and sweets every day or is your habit slightly worse? At our clinic we deal with people who have a mild sugar addiction to people who find that their cravings are out of control. People with a full blown sugar addiction Continue reading »

Sleep Hypnosis mp3

One of the most sought after products that we offer is our Sleep Hypnosis mp3. The numbers of people who suffer from insomnia seems to increase year on year because of our busy stressful lives. Many of these people used to turn to sleeping tablets to alleviate their problem but our awareness of the harm Continue reading »

Self Hypnosis Confidence mp3

There are many people in the world who seem to just exude natural confidence. They sail through work, dating, socialising and never seem to have a moments doubt or worry about what they do or who they are. Then there are those that worry about every little thing that they say or do. They worry Continue reading »

Calm Your Anxiety With Our Fear of Flying mp3 Download

As we are coming up to holiday season my practice will begin to fill with clients who are looking for help with their problem with Flying. It is a hugely common problem with so many people fearing getting into a plane. Many people that I dead with never get on the flight at all whilst Continue reading »